Saturday, 28 June 2014

I caved.

Yesterday, I bought the "mini" Witching Hour" chart I blogged about the other day.  I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I am such a geek. Haha!!

I went to Michael's last night with the husband and got all the DMC floss for the new chart.  I decided I wanted to store this floss a bit differently, so I bought a box and the bobbins and spent most of the evening organizing the floss. I'm embarrassed to admit how much fun it was.

The bill was the longest piece of paper I've received in a while.  Tee hee!

1/4 floss "bobbin'd" after 2 hours

Sadly, Michael's did not have the fabric I needed, so I am off to another shop on Monday, just outside the city, to get it.  The chart suggests 25 ct Linen or 18 ct Aida but I think I will go with the same fabric I used for the Hermit - Hardanger - but will stick to the 25 ct as suggested rather than scale down to the 22 ct. 

Target completion date - January 2016. 


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Uh oh!

I stumbled upon a chart that I think I have to get. 

Oh dear. 

As if one Heaven and Earth Design wasn't crazy enough to attempt, dare I consider starting another?? 

What am I thinking???

Seriously people, someone has to talk me out of this insanity. 

The chart I am considering is this: 

This cat looks exactly like my Scully, which is why I feel I must do it. 

I'm crazy, right? 


Here is my beautiful Scully. 

Oy.  Decisions. 

Two Hours of Stitching Doesn't Look Like Much.

Ha ha!

I am always amazed at how long it takes to cross stitch.  Just the other night, I started work on a new page of the Hermit and took a before stitching photo and two hours later, took another picture. Didn't look like I'd done much!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hermit Update!!

Well, I finally managed to finish a chart page of the Hermit. 


This one took forever it seems.  I had run out of floss for one colour - not sure how that happened  - so I couldn't finish it. I mentioned it to my husband and he offered to get it for me since he is home with the kids and I work. So the hunt began to find a store close to us and that proved to be challenging. But being the resourceful man he is, a few hours later he texted me that he found the floss at a Michaels and was on his way to get it!! What a sweetie!!!

So, without further ado.... 

The page I completed is the top left section. 

As always, thanks for looking!!