Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Another Project Begins!

I finally got all the supplies I needed for The Witching Hour this past weekend, including a new Q-Snap.  Since this one is smaller than the Hermit and I really don't like having to mess with the fabric too much, I decided it was better to get a smaller Q-Snap, so it was recommended to me to use the 11x11 square design.  And so I did.

I also decided to start this project a bit differently.  Normally I start all my projects from the center of the image, but this time I wanted a change, so I meticulously figured out where to start the first stitch  on the very first page in the top left corner.

I did this by finding the center square of the fabric and counted out and up.  Yep, I counted all those tiny little squares on my 22 ct Hardanger fabric.  114 squares across from the middle, then 164 squares up.  I counted three times.  Husband always says, "Measure twice, cut once."  After I was certain of my count, I placed the first stitch.

Just for fun, I figured out how many stitches this baby has -- 74, 328.  Yikesl

And since you all wondered, cuz I know I certainly did, this is what 400+ stitches looks like.