Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Back to "scary" kitty.

Hello everyone!  My apologies for being MIA.  Did I mention that I'm expecting my 3rd child in September?  Yeah, so that has occupied my mind over the past 2-3 months.  It's all good, we are excited and a little scared as well.

I took a self-imposed break from stitching for several weeks.  As some of you may recall from previous posts these breaks are usually due to television series addictions.  ;)  This current addiction is Fringe.  Oh, sooooo goood!!!!!

Anyway, over the weekend, I picked up an old project which I haven't touched in ages - warm and fuzzy kitten.  Or as my husband describes it, "scary kitty".  It's a beautiful project, and I have missed doing half-stitches, so it's been pretty easy on my eyes.  Here's an updated photo.


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy!!! I truly hope everything goes well for you :) Lovely "scary" kitty! Fun to stitch on black fabric too x

  2. Thank you!!!

    Yes, surprisingly I do enjoy stitching on black fabric. The 14 ct Aida is also a nice rest for my eyes.

  3. Congratulations! Nice stitching:)

  4. This looks like its going to be so beautiful..and congratultions on your baby.