Friday, 2 January 2015

When Surfin' the 'Net gets dangerous.

I really need to stay away from a certain website.  I came into work a bit early and after getting all my "paperwork" out of the way I had some time to browse the internet.  I found myself at the HAED website and immediately found two beauties that I can't stop thinking about.

The first is this one:
Stunning, am I right?  I just love the reflection of the cat in the window by the candle light.  So, so beautiful! 

But then I saw this one:

I love the colors and all the different cats!!!  While the first one is beautiful, I think I might get tired of all the dark colors.  I think I need more color in my life.  Perhaps I'll have to choose the bookshelf. 

Oh dear. 


  1. I also saw the top one in the new charts section. I was tempted but put off buying it, though I have not decided to get it as I do have Witching Hour and The Fortune Teller already. Thought those two were a set but now I'm not sure as the cat on Midnight Vigil looks like the same cat on WH but not on FT. Oh well they are all equally lovely.

  2. The more I look at the two cats the more I thought they were the same (WH and MV). I'm doing WH as a mini though so I'm not sure how they'd look side by side?

  3. Love the Cat Bookshelf! Have that one in my stash. Was to start it this year, but I have waaayyy to many WIP's and UFO's. Maybe 2016!

    1. I may or may not have emailed HAED to see if they have Midnight Vigil as a mini....