Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ugh -- Frustration!!!

There is nothing worse than thinking you're going to finish a page of chart, in fact, have one colour left to stitch, only to discover that you are actually missing the one thread you need.

DAMN IT!!!!!

I can't describe to you the number of expletives I just muttered under my breath.  (My daughter is sitting next to me, so I have to watch myself).  But, OH MY GOD, I am exploding inside!!!!  I was all ready to post a photo of the completion of page 3 and now it's going to be delayed by at least a week while I wait on delivery of the missing thread in question.

What is even more frustrating is that the thread is checked off my list, meaning, I bought it.  Yet, it's no where to be found.  WTF?!?!  I have triple checked the area where I stitch, I've checked the baggies my threads are in.  Nope. Nada. Nothing.  I don't get it.  Ugh.

This is me right now.

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