Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Barnyard Kitties

Having completed Tired Kitty, I was ready to tackle another big project.  I had only ever worked on Aida white or cream cloth.  It was time to branch out and try something a bit harder – black Aida cloth.  Another addition to my repertoire would be doing a substantial portion of the design in half cross –stitch. 

Barnyard Kitties was calling my name.  These 6 kittens were among the cutest I’d seen and seeing their beautiful little faces peering out from the barnyard door still makes me smile.

Black Aida cloth is a little challenging to work with.  I quickly learned it was important to have something white on my lap as I stitched, or better yet, a bright light.  It makes seeing the squares a lot easier.

This was also the first project that I kept track of my start/finish dates.  Once framed, I write the start and finish dates on the back.  Work on Barnyard Kitties began on May 13, 2006 and the final stitch was laid on December 30, 2006. 

Barnyard Kitties

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