Sunday, 3 June 2012

Itching for a new design...

So, I am only a few months into the Hermit BAP (big ass project), and I am already thinking about the next HAED design I want to tackle.

I'm crazy, right?

Never mind that I already have one other unfinished project which I have blogged about previously.  I haven't even gone back to that beautiful little kitty since starting the Hermit!  The Hermit has been all-consuming for me.  Why on earth would I want to start another one equally as difficult?

I know the seasoned stitchers out there will say it's good to have a variety of projects on the go as one might get bored with stitching just one design all.the.time.  But I'm not bored of the Hermit yet.  I am just getting excited about seeing the design unfold that I am already looking to see what other designs are out there.  I have even found a few, and <gasp> not all are cat-related!!!

Here's one I really like, called "The Drinkers".  This photo reminds me of the bar my husband and I went to in Barcelona, called Bar Marsella.  He was so excited to go there to try the Absinthe.  Apparently, Hemingway frequented the place quite a bit.  This was also the spot where I met my first celebrity, Ian Somerhalder.  We drank Absinthe together and partied with him until 6 am.  (Yes, I have photos to prove it!)

And another cute cat- themed design, "Bon Appetit":

And then there's this cute winter cat-themed design, "Winter Twilight":

Gah!  What am I gonna do?!


  1. All three!

    I love the ones with mice!

  2. Ha!! I can't possibly do all three! I love the Bon Appetit design but I think I might get bored stitching all that background. I am leaning towards The Drinkers. Sigh ... we'll see.

  3. Of course you can do all three!! It will take more than your lifetime to finish haha. I really love the first one and the memory it reminds you of makes it special and even intriguing.