Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back to Warm & Fuzzy Kitten

With 3 projects on the go now, it's sometimes a tough decision which one to work on.  After starting Farm Friends (herein FF), I felt that Warm & Fuzzy Kitten (herein WFK) was feeling neglected.

It's been several months - okay, 4 months - since I've touched WFK.  It's 14 ct black Aida cloth.  I've never had a problem working with black cloth, sometimes I think it's actually easier, not sure why.  The 14 ct is much easier to work with than the Hermit's 22ct Hardanger fabric.  It almost makes me think I'm stitching a beginner's pattern. Ha ha!

WFK is fun though.  I love watching his body come together, though it doesn't look like I've done a lot, I can see his front paws filling in nicely.  The only frustrating thing is that a lot of stitching requires two thread colours (one strand each of two different colours rather than 2 strands of the same colour).  Here's a photo.

More to come soon!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh I hate it when they tell you to blend the thread colors! I also can't stand half cross stitches and partial stitches. I love a pattern that is all full crosses and just back stitching.

    I can see the cat coming out too. Is the whole pattern these colors?

  2. The kitty is shadowed in light and he's standing on a green/yellow carpet but there are lots of blended colours in the design.

  3. I love this kit - I've got it to start someday. I agree with you about the black fabric - most people seem to hate it but I like it :D Dunno why! Congrats on your progress, it's looking great!!!

  4. Thanks, Tama! Kittens sure are a lot of fun to stitch!