Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Eeek!!!! My first commission!

I woke up today to a message from a friend requesting a commissioned cross stitch.  I was so flattered!!!  No one has every asked me to do a design so this was such a pleasant surprise.  I was so thrilled, I said yes immediately (well... okay, I said yes after I saw the design). 

It's a small project but I know it will mean the world to my friend.  I am so excited to have a reason to go to the stiching store to buy new floss and fabric.  Yay!!

Here's what I've been asked to do:

It's the Golden Girls!!!  How adorable is this pattern?!   I don't much like the taupe background, so I was thinking more off-white/cream.  Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated. 


  1. Wow! A commissioned wonderful! Maybe a very pale blue fabric (since they are 'old blue-hairs', and all). LOL :)

  2. love the golden girls. Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. I like melody's suggestion of a coloured fabric. The colour in the design is too strong.