Thursday, 8 November 2012

Purple, purple and MORE purple!

I am back to working on the Hermit full-time again.  The first few days were tough - after 14 ct Aida, the 22 ct Hardanger was hard on my eyes!  I was also getting some wrist and neck pain from hold the Qsnap again.  Oh, the things us stitchers go through for our craft!  ;)

Hermit is coming along nicely.  I am stitching a page with a LOT of purple - the cloak, you see.  It's boring, but it has to get done.  It's making for relatively easy stitching with few counting errors, so that's a nice change.

Is it crazy that I am looking again at Heaven and Earth Designs for more charts?  I'm a nut, I know.  I am barely scratching the surface of the Hermit and yet looking for more wonderful cats to stitch. I need some help!

In the meantime, here's a progress photo. 


  1. I just hate when you get to large areas of the same colors/shades. Monotonous, but it makes me want to get it over with faster, lol. Great progress :)

  2. Thanks, Melody! I am looking forward to being done this page.