Sunday, 18 November 2012

Golden Girls!

So, after being asked to do a commissioned piece, I eagerly set out to purchase supplies and get started.  Having purchased and downloaded the chart, I had to decide what color fabric would work best.  My friend asked that I change the colours of a few of the ladies' clothes, so I brought my husband with me as he is the true artist in the family and I knew he could help me pick out the proper floss.

Off we went to Mary Maxims.  It is ridiculously silly how excited I get when I'm in a store like that.  In addition to purchasing the supplies I needed for Golden Girls, I also purchased yet another kit.  Actually, my husband found it and suggested I get it.  It's really quite perfect and will hang near our wine cellar (read: basement closet that holds our wine). 


But, I digress ... back to the topic at hand.  I found everything I needed and started work immediately on Golden Girls.   At the request of my friend, I am changing three of the women's clothing colors.  From left to right - Blanche will be in green, Sofia stays in red, Dorothy will be in purple and Rose will be in baby blue.  

And here is the first night's work.  Ms. Sophia is coming along nicely.  Stay tune for more updates!  (The next one will likely be a completed photo, haha!  This one is easy and so much fun!

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